Hokie Passport Account

The Hokie Passport Account is a discretionary flexible spending debit account that is available to Virginia Tech faculty, staff, wage employees, students and select affiliates. Hokie Passport Account funds are stored on your Hokie Passport ID Card and can be used at residential vending machines, laundry facilities, print labs, campus bookstores, dining centers and numerous retail locations on- and off-campus. Convenience, flexibility, and security are just some of the benefits of the account.

Convenience and Flexibility

With the Hokie Passport Account, you no longer have to carry cash, worry about how much money is in your checkbook, or look for change to buy a soft drink or quarters to do laundry. To meet the needs of the Virginia Tech community, the Hokie Passport Account is accepted in many area locations including health care and medical facilities, restaurants and food stores, retail stores, and more. For a complete list of vendors that accept the Hokie Passport Account, click here.


The Hokie Passport Account allows you to carry less cash and funds may only be accessed with your Hokie Passport ID Card or after being authenticated through an approved app. If the card is lost or stolen, it can be deactivated via the Hokie Passport Services website. Card holders can also contact Hokie Passport Services during business hours or the Virginia Tech Police Department after-hours to deactivate their card. Once deactivated, the account cannot be used for purchases until the card is reactivated by presenting valid photo identification at the Hokie Passport Services office. As added security feature, the photographic ID allows for visual identification by merchants. To limit unauthorized use for purchases at locations where there is no merchant identification (i.e., laundry and vending facilities), there is a $15.00 per day maximum expenditure limit.