Hokie Passport Account

The Hokie Passport Account is a debit account and allows faculty and staff to access select university vending, bookstores, dining centers, as well as numerous retail locations on and off campus. This debit account also allows users to print at Computer Labs. All Hokie Passport ID cards have an activated Hokie Passport Account. Deposits for the Hokie Passport Account are accepted at Hokie Passport Services in the Student Services Building, Suite 100. Cash and checks are accepted. You can also make deposits online under the "Personal Info" tab at MyVT. Deposits may also be made at the cash to card machines on campus (Map).

Dining Dollars

All faculty and staff Hokie Passport ID Cards have an activated Dining Dollars account. Dining Dollars is an optional debit account which allows faculty and staff members to purchase food in Virginia Tech Dining Centers. Deposits in the form of cash and checks are accepted for Dining Dollars at Hokie Passport Services in the Student Services Building, Suite 100. You may also make deposits online under the "Personal Info" tab at MyVT or at the cash to card machines located on campus (Map). Deposits made to Dining Dollars are non-transferable to other accounts and cash withdrawals are not permitted. All purchases are subject to applicable sales tax and no discounts are granted.

Dining Center Access

Faculty and staff desiring to eat in Dining Centers have three options: the Hokie Passport Account, Dining Dollars or cash (see above). Your Hokie Passport ID functions as your dining card in all dining centers operated by Residential and Dining Programs. The cashier will swipe your card and the amount of your purchase will be automatically deducted depending on which account you choose.

War Memorial Gym Access

Your card will be used to access War Memorial Gym. Please note that Faculty/Staff may also purchase a membership to access McComas Hall.

Library Privileges

Your Hokie Passport ID can be used to check out items and to use resources at the University Libraries.

Parking Permit Verification

You will need to show your Hokie Passport ID when purchasing a parking permit.

Lab Access

Faculty/Staff who wish to print at one of the many computer labs on campus must have a Hokie Passport Account to pay for printing. Access to the labs is processed using your Hokie Passport ID card.

Building Access

Entry into some buildings after hours is by card access.