Get Your Card

What do I need and where do I go?

In order to obtain a Wage Hokie Passport you must be employed by a department. The department will issue you a letter stating your employment with beginning and ending dates. When you come to the office, you will need to fill out an ID Request Card (example shown below). The ID request cards are located on tables in the Student Services Building lobby. Bring the card along with the letter given to you by your department and a valid U.S. driver's license or international passport to the ID window.

There is no charge for the first ID you are issued. If your card is damaged due to normal wear or the picture is unrecognizable, a replacement is also free. For lost or stolen non-technology IDs there is a $20 charge. For lost or stolen technology cards there will be a $25 charge. For more information on lost or stolen cards, click here. Cash, check (made out to Treasurer, Virginia Tech), or Hokie Passport Account are accepted as payment.

You will be required to present valid, original, and commonly recognized official photographic credentials at the time you obtain your VT ID. Current forms of valid photographic credentials accepted by Hokie Passport Services include U.S. state issued drivers licenses, International Passports, and the United States Military Identification Card. Photocopies, photographs, and electronic copies of the aforementioned credentials are not acceptable. Should your identity be unverifiable for any reason, additional documentation or processing may be required.

ID Request Card