• FAQs
       Check out the questions that other families are asking.
  • Online Deposit Guide
       Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions on how your student may authorize you to make deposits, view balances, and view transaction history. Your student will only need to authorize you once!
  • Deposits, Balances & Transactions
       Authorized Guests will use this portal to make deposits, view balances, and view transactions on behalf of their student. Be sure to bookmark it!
  • Dining Plan Selection Advisor
       Not sure which dining plan is right for your student? Answering a few simple questions regarding your student's dining habits will provide a recommendation through this easy to use, fun tool.
  • Dining Plans
       Locate a wealth of information regarding dining plans through the Dining Services website.
  • FERPA Passcodes
       What is a FERPA passcode and why do I need one? Find out here.
  • Office of Family Relations
       The Office of Family Relations can be the first point of contact for many families. Check out their page to subscribe to the highly informative Hokie Family eNewsletter and more!
  • Authorized Payer Information
       Information on how to become an Authorized Payer to pay your student's dining plan, tuition and fees.