Hokie Passport Account

   When you open your Hokie Passport Account you are immediately able to use your Hokie Passport ID to make purchases at various locations on and off campus. Convenience, security and flexibility are just some of the benefits of the account. For a complete list of vendors that accept the Hokie Passport Account, click here.

Convenience and Flexibility:

   A Hokie Passport Account will allow you to access snack and drink machines as well as the washers and dryers located in the residence halls. Additionally, on-campus dining facilities accept the Hokie Passport. With the Hokie Passport Account you no longer have to carry cash, worry about how much money is in your checkbook, look for change to buy a soft drink or quarters to do laundry. To meet the needs of students, faculty/staff and wage employees, the Hokie Passport Account is accepted in many area locations including grocery stores, gas stations, dry cleaners, bookstores, and restaurants.


   The Hokie Passport Account allows you to carry less cash. Funds may only be accessed with your Hokie Passport ID. If the card is lost or stolen, contact the Hokie Passport Office, or the Virginia Tech Police Department immediately to disable the account until the card is found or replaced. Once disabled, the account cannot be used for purchases until the card is reactivated by presenting valid photo identification at the Hokie Passport Office. As added security feature, the picture ID allows identification by merchants. To limit unauthorized use for purchases at locations where there is no merchant identification, i.e., laundry and vending facilities, there is a $15.00 per day maximum limit.

Lost or Stolen Card:

    lost or stolen ID card may be replaced by the Hokie Passport Office. In order to replace an ID, bring valid photo identification, i.e. driver's license or current passport. There is a $20.00 replacement fee payable by cash, check, or Hokie Passport Account.

Sign up and Get on Board:

   Virginia Tech enrolled students, faculty/staff and wage employees are eligible to open a Hokie Passport Account. To open an account, read the terms and conditions, and complete a deposit card. Send your completed deposit card along with a check (make payable to Treasurer, Virginia Tech) to the Hokie Passport Office or stop by the office at 100 Student Services Building to make a deposit. Payroll deduction is available for faculty and staff.